Paramedics Have Questions –
      Your MediPal ID Has Answers

The MediPal® Seatbelt ID offers a quick and simple way to communicate vital health and contact information to First Responders.

How it Works:

Complete the health profile form, insert it into the patented ID holder. Attach to seatbelt, purse or backpack strap or any other accessible area.

Why it’s Smart:

A. Knowledge of your health condition can lead to faster, more effective emergency medical treatment.

B. Offers loved-ones peace of mind.

$13.95 each
when buying 2 or more
non-profit and bulk rates available

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Why MediPal®?

Alerts Emergency Personnel of your medical condition.
Provides peace-of-mind that your information is at-the-ready.
Travels with you anytime, anywhere.

Your MediPal® Travels With You

Great for anyone on medicationSlides to any position.

Medical alert on your safety beltHigh visibility helps others help you.

Medical alert on your beltEasily attaches to belt, arm, purse etc.