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In 2002 the MediPal Company was born when we filled the need of our youngest daughter who, at the age of three months, underwent major brain surgery in an effort to save her life. Her MediPal Seatbelt ID traveled with her from Dr.s appointments to a multitude of therapies and back home again. In the event of an emergency, we wanted to make sure EMTs would have quick access to her special needs and contact info. Since that time the MediPal Company has provided hundreds of MediPal Seatbelt IDs to others with health conditions like allergies, diabetes, autism, pacemakers, cancer, on-coming Alzheimer’s, dementia as well as those taking prescription medications.

Since it’s inception, the MediPal Company has strived to increase public awareness on the importance of “Being Prepared” in the event of an automobile accident or other emergency situation.

Imagine EMTs getting your medical information off of your seatbelt! There is no need to search for a cell phone, purse or wallet. Time saved could be a life-saver! Some of us have senior parents who are not ready to give up driving. Knowing that our loved one’s medical information is at-the-ready for Emergency Personnel, and knowing that family members can be contacted sooner rather than later, brings peace-of-mind to everyone involved. This is especially true when a family member has a special need or a medical condition that should be revealed to Emergency Personnel at the scene of an accident.

Medipal’s Mission: To provide effective Communication Products and Emergency Preparedness Resource Information to Seniors and anyone with medical concerns or special needs, for the purpose of helping them maintain a high level of independence. Our goal is to ensure that everyone is better prepared, not only to help themselves, but also prepared to provide Emergency Personnel with their vital health and medical information in case of an emergency or other urgent situation.

Fulfillment for MediPal® is provided by The Arc of San Diego. Founded in 1951, The Arc patiently guides individuals with disabilities toward the most self-sufficient life possible. Through classes, workshops, community living, and individualized counseling, the ultimate goal of all programs and services at The Arc of San Diego is to help each individual reach their fullest level of independence. www.arc-sd.com

MediPal® Inserts are printed in the USA.

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