The MediPal Seatbelt ID

Saving Time Saves Lives


HIGH VISIBILITY– a medical alert on your car seat belt, contains emergency medical information and quick access for EMTs. Night-vision reflective trim enhances visibility. Ideal for autism awareness, allergy ID, seizure alert, diabetic ID or anyone with underlying health conditions or on multiple meds.

HEALTH PROFILE FORM– comes as a tri-fold form and can be filled out by hand OR open the PDF version of this form and use your computer keyboard to Fill Out/Save/Print. Plenty of room to note underlying health conditions, medication list, contact information, health history, special needs, blood type, allergies, preferred language, etc. Update the user’s information anytime!

QUICK ATTACH/DETACH– wraps around your safety belt and overlaps onto itself with Velcro strips. Compact in size. Reposition for comfort by sliding along shoulder strap. The slide feature allows your seatbelt to fully retract when belt is unbuckled, leaving no dangling seatbelt. Transfers to other special needs products, e.g. walker bar, backpack or purse strap, fanny pack strap or waist belt, and most wheelchair bars.

Made of DURABLE POLYPROPYLENE (backpack material) to help ensure the MediPal ID will last for years to come. FITS ALL standard and international width seatbelts (46-49mm wide).

PROVIDES PEACE OF MIND for family, and that’s worth A LOT!!

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Our Guarantee

We hope you are happy with each and every product you buy from us. However, if for any reason you are not satisfied, you can return the item(s) along with the original packaging for a no-hassle refund. Please note: this does not apply to custom imprinted items or MediPal IDs that are lost or stolen. We must be notified of your intention to return the item(s) within five working days of the order arriving. We will only refund the cost of the item(s) you send back to us, excluding the original postage and handling fees. You are responsible for any postal charges to return the item(s) back to us.